Nov 07

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Rapid Response InfoAlert
TPP? No Way.
After six years of negotiations, we now have access to the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). As we’ve suspected all along, it’s bad. In fact, as our USW news release affirms, “it will be a dagger twisting in the heart of American manufacturing.”

  • The conservative, pro-business Wall Street Journal anticipates that the 12-nation pact will cause a massive trade deficit in manufacturing, resulting in hundreds of thousands of job losses.
  • As China and other nations continue to dump commodities and products into our markets, battering our steel, aluminum, paper, tire and other sectors, this is not the time for more bad trade. Manufacturing still has not fully recovered from the economic crisis – we’re still shedding good, family-supportive jobs at an alarming pace. We don’t need more incentives to outsource production and offshore jobs.
  • The TPP compromises our future. Workers have been on the losing end of trade agreements for far too long and this deal is more of the same.
If Enacted, the TPP Would:
1. Dramatically increase job loss in our nation’s manufacturing sector.
2. Allow China to provide a majority of a car’s parts and get beneficial treatment under the deal because of weak rules of origin.
3. Not stop currency manipulation.
4. Not stop state-owned enterprises (government-run businesses) from receiving state support and protection.
5. Result in foreign workers continuing to suffer violations of their rights since protections are limited. The plan with Vietnam would allow them to receive up to seven years of reduced tariff benefits while still violating worker and human rights. There is no agreement with Mexico to get specific and much-needed reforms in their labor laws.
6. Give foreign corporations greater rights than domestic firms to challenge government policy intended to protect the public interest. Corporations could even get taxpayer compensation under the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions when they challenge domestic laws.
7. Do nothing to ensure that any of the provisions would be enforced.
Spread the Word
Now is the time to make sure our USW members understand the implications for the TPP.Please share this information widely.

We’ll be calling for widespread and targeted action as this fight unfolds. In the meantime, your local members can start calling lawmakers and urging them to oppose the TPP by dialing toll-free:

House: 866-202-5409                         Senate: 877-607-0785



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