Nov 15

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Rapid Response Feedback Report
This is Your Win.
A growing number of Congressional leaders and Administration voices are finally conceding that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will not come up in Congress this year. The votes simply aren’t there.

Make no mistake: this win is your win.

Eager for a timely headline, some news outlets are doing a major disservice to the story of how this came to be. The fight to stop the TPP started years ago. It involved international allies, a huge U.S. coalition effort, strategies in D.C. “inside the beltway”, work from our champions in Congress and efforts in states, cities and towns coast to coast. Last year’s work to stop fast track was critical in building the contentious environment around trade this year. That pressure didn’t stop as we moved into 2016. Without it, this agreement would have passed early in the year and certainly well before the nominees were selected for each political party. This work – our work – stalled it, complicated it, prevented it from getting majority support in Congress, and now, derailed it for the lame duck.

Here’s a snapshot of what USW members did:

  • Over 350,000 postcards to Congress.
  • At least 1,500 meetings and visits to Congressional offices this year alone.
  • Tens of thousands of additional letters, petitions, phone calls and other messages.
  • Hundreds of local rallies, town halls, demonstrations – even rock concerts!
  • Dozens of efforts to build support at state legislatures, local governments and among mayors, including passing resolutions and getting letters of commitment.
  • Multiple large-scale events in Washington.

This fight took relationship-building with Democrats and Republicans in the bipartisan way that we have always worked within Rapid Response. The more we see elected officials joining on to our cause, the more we know our union’s message is getting out there. We have been at the fight over trade for more than two decades and we aren’t about to stop now.

As we look ahead to next year, we know that far too many of our workplaces are still hurting from bad trade. There will be pro-active and defensive fights to come. We’ll still keep an eye out for any return of the TPP, but for now, enjoy the win. You earned it.

Later this week: We want to seize on this moment by joining our allies in a national call-in effort. Look for an ActionCall that asks Congress to not only abandon the TPP, but to stop the failed corporate trade model for good. It’s a great time to thank those who have stood with us through this long effort as well.








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